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Fall Garden Tips

More Fall Garden Tips

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With its cooler temperatures and dazzling color, Fall is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors. Now is a great time to perform some basic garden tasks to be one step ahead come Spring.

Keep Gutters Free of Leaves
Clogged gutters and downspouts may potentially cause water to collect around your foundation. Regular maintenance may help keep your gutters functioning properly, prevent water damage and keep your home looking nice.

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Clean Outdoor Pots
After your seasonal potted plants have faded it's a good idea to clean your pots before you store them for the season. For best results, scrub your pots with stiff brush and rinse.

outdoor pot cleaning

Stack Pots
Once clean, turn your terra-cotta pots upside down to prevent them filling with water, freezing or cracking.

terra-cotta pots

Bring Them Inside
Be sure to bring delicate potted plants inside and away from cold or drafty windows.

Store Your Hoses
There's nothing worse than a leaky hose in Spring. A little hoses maintenance now goes a long way later. Remove the hose from the spigot and stretch it out thoroughly, holding one end to chase any remaining water out of the hose. Once drained store it out of the elements in a shed or covered container.

Mulch With Leaves
Put all those beautiful Fall leaves to work in your yard. Use them to mulch your vegetable and flower beds. They help control weeds, retain moisture and enrich the soil.

pile of leaves

Divide Bulbs
In early fall, after the flowers have faded, divide lilies. Replant immediately.

flower buds

Protect Patio Furniture
Patio furniture is expensive. If you can't store your furniture it's best to cover it with a heavy-duty cover to protect it from rain and extreme temperatures.

patio furniture

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