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November Newsletter

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015



This month our Landscape Maintenance Teams will be focused on leaf removal. With cooler temperatures and steady rains the leaves are dropping and accumulating. Each week our teams will be removing leaves and hauling them off the properties. We hope to be complete by 2nd to 3rd week of December so new pine straw or mulch can be installed in December. Rain is greatly affecting our leaf removal so please bear with us. Seasonal flower installations are under way and we will be installing flowers all this month. Daffodil bulb plantings are scheduled this month – please talk with your manager if you would like a Daffodil display installed anywhere in your garden. Daffodils are a great way to add color to the landscape and they bloom year to year and are not disturbed by deer, chipmunks or squirrels. They also offer a great burst of color in the late winter when there is really nothing else blooming. Irrigation systems will begin to be winterized. We will start the middle of this month and carry through to the end of December. Our landscape installation teams are extremely busy this time of the year and are booking out through December. September – March are the absolute best time to plant shrubs and trees. When planting this time of year no automatic irrigation systems or hand watering will have to be performed. Thus saving money on your project. Plant material also has the entire winter to establish its root system before the warmer summer temperatures arrive. Fescue sod is available now and can be installed by the pallet. We now have 5 award winning Landscape Architects on staff for your landscape design needs.




Turf care is crucial at this time of the year. Fescue is growing in from the re seeding that took place last month and touch up applications are under way. We are applying our last fescue fertilizer of the year to carry the deep dark green fescue color to January. Warm season turf the Bermuda and Zoysia grass will be receiving a pre emergent and post emergent liquid blend to knockout winter weeds and especially Poa annua. Without this application all Atlanta warm season lawns would be riddled with Poa. If only we had a product to eliminate Poa from Fescue? With the cooler temperatures and rain warm season Zoysia turf may experience circular fungal rings. The managers and crews are on the lookout and will let you know if you need a fungal application to stop the spread of the fungus.




Thank you so much for allowing us to continue the privilege of maintain your exterior landscapes. From our entire company we would like to thank you and your families and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! The Gibbs Team

October News

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Fall is definitely here and we are all enjoying these cooler days and nights. This month we will be tending all that beautiful fescue grass that we have aerated and over seeded in last month.  Most lawns will be receiving reduced mowing’s on the new fescue this month and then we will not be fertilizing and weed treating again till December. Warm season turf will begin to go dormant and start to discolor as the nights have been getting colder. IMG_8884

With the cooler weather there has been a sharp drop in humidity and our managers and crews are watching the irrigation and watering to make sure new plant installations are not being over watered.

Fall flower installations are underway and our seasonal color design specialist are continuing to design seasonal color beds and pots.  In addition to designing they are also making sure their designs are being installed as planned by our wonderful seasonal color installation crews.

Fall leaf removal has just started and we plan on completion by late December if Mother Nature cooperates. We can already tell that the leaf drop is about 1 week behind compared to a normal year. Crews will be tarping leaves, mowing leaves, and removing leaves weekly on the property until they are all up.

Remember that Fall through late Winter to early Spring is the optimal time to plant new shrubs and trees. Please get with our account managers or our Landscape Architects to begin designing your next project. Our installation teams are fortunate to be very busy now and booking out each month. We now have five Landscape Architects on staff to serve your needs.

Zoysia fungal patch could become active over the next two months as the Zoysia begins to go into winter dormancy.  Warm season turf like Bermuda and Zoysia are in transition and therefor are in a weaker state than in the active growing season.  This is why we see the fungus attack the turf when the turf grass is most vulnerable. Turf fungicides are recommended usually two rounds are needed to help prevent the fungus.

Boxwood fungal issues can flare up over the next two months. Volutella blight and root rot are two problems that we can have if we get into rainy cool weather with cloudy days. Boxwoods are very susceptible to root rot due to our clay soils. We can treat with fungicides if we suspect and see any issues.

Thank you so much for your continued business. We at Gibbs Landscape will always strive do to the best each day for you and your properties. Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

The Gibbs Landscape Team

April showers bring May flowers and much more!

Monday, May 4th, 2015

We have had a lovely spring with lots of rain and beautiful flowering displays from our Dogwoods, Redbuds, Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Perennials and Hydrangeas will be showing their flowers next. With all this rain we have seen an enormous explosion of fungal activity in our lawns and on our plants. Warm season turf (Bermuda and Zoysia) are definitely having issues with Spring dead spot fungus – the worse we have ever seen.

These circles in the lawn cause the grass blades to thin and brown out but not killing the roots. The turf will recover by June and will recover faster when fungicides are applied.

Shrub fungal problems consist of Cercospora leaf blight and the beginning of Volutella blight on the Boxwoods. Both types of fungus are not curable but can be suppressed by using fungicides. Cercospora has been found on Ligustrum, Rhododendron and Cryptomerias; the fungus causes brown to grey lesions on the leaves of the plants. Volutella is the yellow streaking that occurs in the Boxwoods from too much rainfall. Boxwoods have had a rough two years from all the rain and there are multiple fungal problems that plaque this beloved southern plant. We are diligently out there monitoring these issues every day.

Spring/Summer Seasonal annuals are being installed and our teams are doing a fabulous job! The color designs look terrific and the teams installing are doing a fantastic job ensuring that the plants are healthy and the designs are implemented as planned.

Turf applications of fertilizer and pre-emergents are being wrapped up on Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysias. Brown patch fungus in fescue will start this month and can be treated on contact or as a preventative. The fungal applications are a must in order to keep the Fescue green throughout the next 4-5 months.

Shrub pruning consists of pruning the shrubs that just completed their flowering cycle. Azaleas, Quince and Spireas are being pruned and Rhododenrons are being deadheaded. Daffodil foliage will be cutback this month as the leaves begin to brown out. The crews are monitoring the roses for aphids and deadheading as the flowers fade. Perennials are being fertilized and beds are being groomed and defined to prepare for summer mulch applications.

We at Gibbs want to say that it is a pleasure to work at all of your lovely homes throughout Atlanta. It is an absolute privilege for us and our teams to work with all of you and to allow us to continue to beautify your landscapes in and around your homes.