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Spring Gardening Tips

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

It’s spring! Now is the time to ready your garden landscape for the months to come. Here are some great tips on how to get your garden ready for spring.

  1. Prepare beds for summer annuals, perennials and vegetable gardens.
  2. Monitor new growth on plants to check for early insect activity.
  3. Fertilize perennial beds
  4. Divide perennials like hostas, iris, and daylilies if they are overcrowded.
  5. Transplant shallow-rooted shrubs if they need to be relocated.
  6. Scalp warm-season turf
  7. Aerate warm-season turf after 80% green-up
  8. Sharpen all mower blades and pruning tools
  9. Examine warm-season turf for thin areas and top dress with sand and soil mixture
  10. Prune flowering shrubs after they bloom
  11. Make sure irrigation systems are pressurized and functional
  12. Fertilize shrubs and trees with a granular slow-release fertilizer
  13. Deep root fertilize trees that are unhealthy
  14. Deep root or drench boxwoods
  15. Apply pre-emergent to turf and beds to help prevent summer weeds
  16. Hand pull any unwanted tree seedlings from beds and groundcovers
  17. Prune new growth of English ivy from trees and shrubs
  18. Make sure you can identify poison ivy
  19. Set a goal to do more hand pulling of weeds rather than spraying
  20. Try an organic program this year on your turf or plants
  21. Limit use of insecticides and choose safer remedies
Gibbs Landscape seasonal flowers

October Landscape Update

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Good day and happy Fall to everyone! It’s nice to see a break coming soon to the summer temperatures and experience some cooler weather for a change.  Hopefully, the dog days of summer are behind us and Mother Nature will be providing us with some spectacular fall color showcases throughout our service area. Many of the issues we mentioned last month are still prominent in our area due to the weather patterns. Our maintenance crews are busy wrapping up summer seasonal maintenance pruning and transitioning into fall maintenance practices.

Gibbs Landscape

Aerate and Overseeding
We are now in the middle of aeration and overseeding for all customers with fescue lawns. Due to the heat the last several weeks, the germination is slower than normal so it is imperative we make sure adequate coverage to all the turf areas is consistent until we see more rain.  After the seeding process, Horticulture services crews will be coming back to the first round of fertilizer applications this fall.  Please remember the crews will not be mowing for four to five weeks until the seed matures.

Fungus – Zoysia and Fescue Lawns
Due to a large amount of rain and humidity, a host of fungus issues are popping up in the in all our turf which include brown patch, Zoysia patch, and Pythium blight. We will be sending out work orders for much-needed fungicides to prevent the spread of the fungus during the summer.

Grubs and Army Worms in Fescue Lawns this Fall
Please look over the picture of the grub and the army worm damage below which is very sporadic all over town. Lawns will need to be sprayed if we see signs in your turf.

Seasonal color
Our color designers are in the process of working on the fall color designs which we will start to install this month through fall so please contact us about a color design consultation.


Fall Events
If you have any fall parties or events at your home, give me a call and let me know. Let us help you by lining up any necessary services you may need right before your event so that your yard can look its best and we will have time to complete all the necessary preparations for you.

Kindest regards,
David Gibbs


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