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Water Smart

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Well the drought is officially over in Georgia. I think we have all learned a lot about the great importance of water. We all need to conserve this great resource an use it wisely. All watering restrictions are now removed and you are allowed to water on an odd/even basis. Odd numbered addresses are allowed to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even numbered addresses are allowed to water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. You should never water your landscape during the daytime hours. The most effective way to water is in the very early morning hours before daybreak. This will insure you are losing only the minimal amount of water to evaporation and protect plant material and turf grass from possible fungus activity and burning of foliage. Only water what needs to be watered. This is critical to conservation. Most established plants do not need watering on a regular basis. Look at your landscape closely to determine if plant material needs watering. If so, then water it in. You should water in areas that need water by deep soaking. That is, watering longer one time versus light watering on several occasions. This will help establish a deep root system for your plant material. Remeber, water is a limited resource and we should use it very wisely when caring for our landscapes.
If you are interested in improving your irrigation system or designing a more drought tolerant landscape, please call us today.

Peter J. Copses,
Vice President