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Happy June! Continual rains and clouds these past two weeks look like we could be setting up for a similar Summer to last year. We will continually monitor the turf, shrubs and flowers for fungal out breaks. We have seen the gamut of fungus turf problems already this year.

Azaleas are being pruned and will be completed by the end of the month.  Crews will be deadheading roses as they finish flowering. All spring flowering shrubs will be pruned after flowering. Pruning will consist of thinning and shaping the shrubs.  Perennials are starting to flower and will be deadheaded weekly as needed. Daylilies, Cone Flower, Rudbeckia and Bee Balm have started blooming and are great attractors of pollinating insects and Hummingbirds.

Be on the lookout for the Hydrangeas to start flowering.  Oakleaf Hydrangeas have started as well as some macrophylla and Annabelles.  Limelight Hydrangeas will start later this month.

Shrubs will be fertilized and treated with fungicides and a general insecticide this month.  Insects of concern are the Sawfly larvae that have targeted Roses for the first time in years as well as spider mites, scale insects and Azalea lace bug.

Bermuda and Zoysias will receive their granular fertilizer round with slow release Nitrogen to continually feed over the next 4-6 weeks and then followed with another round of fertilizer.  Fescue will be treated with liquid iron and micro nutrients through the summer months.  Weeds in turf will be targeted and our Crews and Managers will alert our Hort Services crews to treat with selective herbicides.  Common turf weeds to be on the lookout for is Nutsedge and Fire weed.

Crews will be getting the landscape ready for mulching. Mulching is important to do in June – July to freshen the beds and help retain moisture and keep the roots insulated from the heat of the summer.

Irrigation monitoring is very important and we want to be in full communication so that we are doing our best to not waste water. If you see something unusual at your Residence please feel free to bring it to the attention of the crew or manager.

June is National Safety Month and I can assure all of you that our HR department has our managers and crews focused.

Enjoy your Summer, we have your residence covered on the outside and if you need extra help while you may be away vacationing let our Managers know and we will be happy to help.

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